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Extreme Counseling Solutions, Inc. (ECS) is a community based organization that provides structured community based services to distress and mentally challenged clients and their families. The primary focus of ECS is to provide quality mental health services through assessment to children and adults exhibiting high risk factors and experiencing psychiatric symptoms. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment. Our services are created to promote the development of competencies in areas to promote successful and independent life changes. Our approach is practical with realistic expectations and positive outcomes.

Services are individualized and client centered with the client and family unit providing essential support. ECS emphasis is placed on community based services with the assignment, and acceptance of responsibility, insight awareness, and the willingness to promote change.

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Our Philosophy

ECS is committed to providing quality services to youth and families we serve. Therefore, youth and families should be treated with dignity, respect and empathy. Through team development, we provide a supportive environment conducive to change and growth. Our clients will benefit from the stability and strength we have established as a team and a company. Services should be customized to compliment and strengthen the individual utilizing the most practical and systematic approach.


Our services are highly varied and specialized as we want to cater to the complex and diverse needs of our clients.

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