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mental health professional to a coupleOur ultimate goal at Extreme Counseling Solutions, Inc. is to provide an avenue for individuals with mental and emotional issues to resolve their problems through sustainable programs.

Our services are centered on the specific needs of the patients. Depending on our assessment and your needs, we can tailor-fit any service to suit your requirements. We can provide counseling for individuals as well as groups.

As much as we can, we involve the patient’s immediate family and close loved ones in our programs. The support of those around us can prove to be our strongest suit when battling challenges with mental health. We believe that to treat the person right, he should be operating within and should be assisted by his natural environment. This includes the critical involvement of family members and close friends.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Individual / Family Counseling. We help families to bridge the gap between their relationships and strengthen ties through programs that expose real issues and provides sustainable solutions.
  • Family Relationships Building. We build up family relationships so members can be become effective individuals providing support for each other.
  • Crisis De-escalation Services. We provide immediate solutions so problems do not get magnified than its current state. Our goal is to nip issues in the bud so they do not further the damage and harm done to individuals and relationships.
  • Parenting Skills Training. First-time parents can expect help and support through our program where we talk about appropriate strategies in child-raising and family-building.
  • Psycho-Educational Support. We help students deal with their school- and life-related concerns so they can become more effective and successful in school and in their personal lives.
  • Anger Management Services. We provide proper venting techniques so individuals who have temper issues can better handle their response in certain situations.
  • Substance Abuse Education. We offer seminars and one-one-one discussions on how drugs can destroy a person’s health and future.
  • Case Management. We are open to providing activities to complement with other programs to come up with an effective over-all solution for individual or family issues.

For more information about our services and which one can benefit you the most, do not hesitate to call us at 804-732-0177 to talk to our customer service representative.