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About Us

mental health professional counseling to a girlExtreme Counseling Solutions, Inc. is a local organization founded to support the clients and their families of Petersburg, Virginia and surrounding areas. We specialize in providing support and counseling to individuals who need to re-establish a direction and purpose in their lives. We do this by helping them come to terms with their emotional and mental challenges. Further, we help them work out effective solutions to turn obstacles into opportunities. We also provide services to help individuals sort out their mental health challenges, so that they can live in harmony with themselves and with others.

Extreme Counseling Solutions, Inc. is a licensed by Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. We have a team of licensed mental health professionals and qualified mental health professionals who are dedicated to helping patients understand their condition, and provide for the perfect program to help them get out of their situation. All our efforts are geared towards helping individuals to cope with their mental health issues. The end result we aim for is for them to recover continuously and contribute to the needs of his family, and the advancement of his community.

We encourage you to give us a call at 804-732-0177 if you are interested at starting your counseling program with us. We are looking forward to work for and with you soon.